A Ruby Language Server

Getting Started

Install the Gem

Solargraph is available as a Ruby gem.

gem install solargraph

Get the Core Documentation

Install documentation for the version of Ruby you’re using.

solargraph download-core

Editor Integration

To use the Solargraph language server, you need an editor that can act as a language client. Castwide supports integration with Visual Studio Code (very mature) and Atom (work in progress). There are also third-party integrations for several other editors, including Sublime Text, Eclipse, and vim/neovim.

Visual Studio Code

Solargraph integration with Visual Studio Code is officially supported with the Ruby Solargraph extension.

To install the extension:

  1. Open the Extensions view.

    Open the Extensions view

  2. Search for Solargraph.

  3. Click Install.

    Install Solargraph

See the extension’s page on the Visual Studio Marketplace or the vscode-solargraph repo on GitHub for more information.


Solargraph is available for Atom in the ruby-solargraph package.

Other Editors

For other editors, please refer to their language server documentation.